portfolio 4 – personal

Some non-work photos. A lot of them are also on my Instagram account: sidz_photography_uk

Black Diamond Library, Copenhagen, Denmark Sheffield city centre St. Paul's Cathedral, London Louisiana Museum Of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark Venice Beach silhouette, Los Angeles, California Monastirion Metro Station, Athens, Greece Poppy field Fixie bikes in San Francisco, California Times Square, New York Totterdown, Bristol Clones Green eye Guggenheim Museum, New York Chitwan National Park, Nepal Little Italy, New York La Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal Chambers Street metro station, New York New York Nightscape Wind farm, Anglesey, Wales Elephant at Chitwan National Park, Nepal Who's Banksy? Instagram geometry tryptic Instagram reflection tryptic Instragram solitary figure tryptic Instagram killing time pair Instagram curved interior architecture tryptic Instagram street photography pair Instagram mobile lovers pair Instagram interior architecture tryptic Instagram walking pair Instagram tryptic Instagram bikes tryptic Instagram tryptic Instagram killing time tryptic
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